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Introduction of G810

  • Type of Pesticide : Bio-pesticide
  • Type of Bio-pesticide : Microorganism
  • Certification number : Certification-2-5-174
  • Characteristics of G810
  • It is 100% of predatory nematode microorganism cultured which
    isolated from native forest soil in Korea.
  • It is a product that uses microorganisms and
    does not have residual pesticides, and also possible to manage
    pine wilt disease in an eco-friendly way all year round.
  • Phytotoxicity completed
  • Efficacy tests completed (90% ↑)
  • The efficacy period is more than six years with a single treatment
  • 출처
  • Standard : 500ml / 1L

Certification of G810

유기농업자재 공시

유기농업자재 공시

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