Business development department

International of Nematode Institute

Pine wilt disease is now expanding very quickly in Asia. It is killing immense amount of pine trees every year. It's also called "Aids of Pinetrees" because it's known as incurable disease yet. Since 2006, Dbio has started specialized project to find cure for pine tree's nematode and as a result, we have succeed on finding an nature-friendly cure titled as "G810".
The field test is currently underway with Korea, China and Vietnam's Governments.

Business development department

Landsaver, Eco-friendly Nematode Pesticide

Supplemented shortcomings of Chemical Pesticides

  • No tolerence is built for repetitive use
  • Made with natural ingredient.
  • - Unharmful to soil and crop.

Substitution for chemical pesticides

  • Optimized for organic products
  • Provides safe and trustable agricultural products

Registering Landsaver sales license in Vietnam

  • Late 2016, We are in process of field testing for “Landsaver” in Vietnam.
    We expect that "Landsaver" will bring higher value on Vietnam’s agricultural industry which is already yet one of the biggest industry of the country.